General Care

When installing the wefted extensions, we recommend that you sew around the weft rather than through. Sewing through the weft with a needle will weaken the structure and cause shedding.

Although our wefts can be cut as they are reinforced with machine stitching, we recommend that you should avoid cutting the wefts as it can cause excess shedding.

Authentic Extensions do not need a lot of product. Use minimal styling products to maintain the natural lustre and movement.

Avoid using alcohol-based styling products as they make the extensions dry and cause tangling.


  • Gently wash your hair extensions at least once every two weeks with sulphate-free shampoos and conditioners to keep them clean and soft.

  • Gently brush your hair at least twice a day, starting at the tips of the extensions, working your way up.

  • Always use a heat protector when styling your extensions with heated appliances to maximise the longevity.

  • If heating appliances are used frequently or the extensions have been coloured, deep condition your extensions at least twice a month for an hour minimum. This will rejuvenate the extensions, making them feel soft, silky and brand new.

  • Wrap your extensions using a silk or satin scarf when sleeping or alternatively you can use a silk or satin pillowcase.

  • Never go to sleep with wet or damp extensions.

Remember, as the hair isn't growing directly from your scalp, it is imperative that you keep your extensions fully hydrated and cared for.



Authentic Extensions are unprocessed, allowing bleaching, dyeing and diverse styling.

We strongly recommend that all chemical alterations be done professionally.

Don’t forget to do your patch test!


  • Regularly deep condition your hair extensions to restore its natural moisture.

  • Daily hydration may be required as the hair isn't growing directly from your scalp. We recommend you to use ‘Pantene Pro-V Repair & Protect Oil’ or alternatively a small amount of a natural oil e.g. Argan Oil.


Lace Products

Lace closures and lace frontals have a delicate lace base, please refrain from excessive plucking, pulling, tugging, or scratching on the cuticles as strands of hair will shed from the lace.

Please note that bleaching and tinting the knots of your lace closure or lace frontal softens the lace, making it extra delicate. We strongly recommend that any bleaching and tinting of our lace products are done professionally.

If an adhesive or gel is used to install your lace closure or lace frontal, avoid constantly adding more product without washing the hair in-between as this will lead to a build up of residue being visible on the lace which will ruin the illusion.

Lace frontals are high maintenance but a professional hairstylist will prep you on how to maximise its longevity.